D i g i t a l  B u s i n e s s e s

Mindfree supports digital strategy initiatives that improve the effectiveness of our customers’ business ecosystems by leveraging digital platforms, likewise, we work with enterprises interested to leverage customer data growth, devices connectivity increase and cloud operational efficiency.

Product Conception

Are you trying to connect the dots to embrace digital technologies & platforms into your new  product, business or idea? We can help you make it real.  Our team has the business and IT industry  expertise to take a fresh idea and expand it into a fully articulated concept. Our Digital Business  Roadmap Assessment.

Professional Services and Consulting 

We integrate  top of the edge, multidisciplinary, and innovative consulting & professional services team. We can provide services in US and MX, taking advantage of nearshore benefits for multinational customers. Our set of services include: technology evolution & recommendations, architecture recommendations, proof of concepts, data engineers, devops, data scientists, and software engineers.

Big Data Consulting and Professional Services 

Partnering with Cloudera as the world’s leading big data management framework, we can  help you during your big data roadmap. From  business case conception,  initiation within Hadoop,  up to  advance data-devops operations model. Services include: Assessments, Proof of Value, Big Data Strategy, Data Warehouse Offloading, ETL Transformation, Big Data  Performance Optimization, plus our professional services.

Internet of Things Conception, Deployment and Operation

We understand the full array of solutions, the growth of smart and not smart devices interoperability, and the value of data creation/colleting/processing. We partner with top of the edge-innovative solutions to help you build, transform, manage your business. We focus in industrial,  healthcare, logistics, telco, energy, transportation sectors.

Moving into Digital Business takes a strong effort to listen and understand market needs.  We know your pain points:


  • How to take first step, understand market digital platform landscape, understand your business, and finally adapt and implement best of breed solutions.

  • How to take advantage of data generated by customers?

  • How to navigate among plenty of emerging technologies and platforms

  • Buzz Words vs New Paradigms vs Real/Feasible Solutions

  • Enterprises need  to continue reduce cost and improve revenue/market share 

  • Create or identify right business model (sustainable, profitable)


Our team has got what it takes to bring your business vision to life with new Digital Ecosystem


Let´s  list together your market needs,  let´s work together !

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